From time to time or when I find time, I will look for and/or craft out a personal project. It could be an experiment, research oriented, for an NGO etc. I’ve worked on Help-Portraits, 50 Portraits of Relay for life, Special Children Christmas project etc.

Despite the crazy schedules I have, with the million and two things that I try to juggle, I try to carve out some time to make sure that I challenge my own vision and boundaries of work. It can be photography-ala-freestyle or writing a story with photographs. Also, I like the fact that projects like this gives me an opportunity to work with other photographers or an organization.

Do I have something in mind at the moment? Well yeah and in fact I am working on a photo-essay project that hits home personally for me and is probably the biggest and longest project that I’ve ever set myself out to do.

For now I call it “Finding the light“.

What is it about? Well … Let’s not spoil the surprise factor, shall we?

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