Michelle LowI am a coffee junkie. I grind and brew my coffee daily if possible.

I have a weakness, for cutesy fur balls – love my dogs to bits.

I love to experience … I, sky dived, white water rafted, scaled Mount Kinabalu, learnt pottery, snow fight, learnt making pasta from scratch, tried to learn music, trained my vocals … the list never stops.

I am a self-taught photographer. My forte? Portrait photography specializing in all portraits related to love – family, newborn, children, pregnancy, best friends and even musicians!.

My passion for photography dates back to March 2009 (or earlier with a point & shoot). My education in photography and arts was non-formal, I tried to read the camera user guide but that made me even more confuse. So I started by experimenting different functions on my camera and clicked away. I never stopped ever since. Well of course, I read blogs, books, attended seminars, learnt from friends, gurus and most importantly I travelled. Travelling frees my mind to absorb new things and to be exposed to different culture and way of life.

In a nutshell, I have an appetite for everything and anything exciting. Throw me a challenge!

I am almost everywhere, connect with me via Facebook and Instagram.


p/s: Checkout the scene behind the camera!

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