The little feet and fingers of a new born!

Posted on Jan 2, 2013 in Family, New born, Portraits

I’ve always had this fascination in taking newborn photos – little fingers, toes, ears, button nose … urghhh too cute! Needless to say, it is even more special to me for those that I’ve photographed them before they were born (pregnancy, incase you are wondering). It’s almost like I am being part of an important milestone, seeing the transformation from the pregnancy bump to an actual baby. Nothing short of miracle I might add. Newborn photography is perhaps one of those more challenging subject to photograph than a standard portrait, as the babies do not take any form of instruction – its almost as if, you either catch them at a good or bad timing, but I am glad that most of time the little ones are pretty kind to me.

Here’s little Ethan, a brand new family member to Joycelyn, Adrian and little Valerie. Just a month or so ago, I’ve photographed their pregnancy portrait (check it out here) and now pooffff lil Ethan is here … time just zip by! I hope the photos warms the family’s heart as it did to mine … 🙂


I feel a gigantic sneeze is coming … hia hia hiak choooo

Daddy’s hug *warm*!

Looking at this photo makes me wanna yawn too!


Look at that lil lips!

Baby smells good


Mummy & Daddy’s lil darling!


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